Tuesday, December 6, 2016

12 Months of Jay Wheeler

I'm only 2 months late FINALLY adding pictures to this post. #storyofmylife

At 12 months (1 YEAR!!!!) old Jay:

-is saying all the words. Currently he can say mama, papa, bye bye, up, baba (bottle), balloon, green, and blue. He is also learning animal sounds and will consistently make the sound for snake, bear, and lion if I show him the picture. He can recognize dog and cat nosies but can't quite make them yet.

-loves going to the library every week! We started these library outings when he was about 3 months old and haven't missed a single week since. Each week we get about 20 picture books, so by my calculations, he has read over 750 library books. This doesn't include the dozens of books we own or the novels I have read to him (all 8 of the Harry Potters and starting on the Chronicles of Narnia). My tiny book worm!

-made the transition to cows milk like it ain't no thang. Now he slurps that stuff down like a maniac. Justin already goes through 2 gallons of milk a week, so I am pretty sure that some serious fridge real estate is going to need to be allocated to milk soon. #strongbonesforlife

-is sooooo mobile. He crawls. He scoots along the couch. He climbs the stairs in both directions. But he still has absolutely ZERO interest in walking. But I mean, why would he when his other methods of transportation are so fast and effective?

-had the BEST birthday! Justin took work off and we spoiled him rotten all day long. He woke up to homemade pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles. Then Gramps came over to open presents--his favorite of which is his new Halloween book, some magnetic letters for the fridge, and a textured orange ball. Then we headed to the zoo. We go to the zoo just about every week so we made it special with a ride on the carousel (Jay choose the black panther) and icecream. Later Jay's lifelong dream of riding the train was fulfilled when we rode the lightrail downtown for dinner. We watch that thing on our walks every single day and he has yet to ride it! He was thrilled, to put it lightly.

-is like a tiny sponge that learns something new every day. He can drink from a straw, match colors, wave bye bye, stack blocks, and give a high five. It is humbling how much he repeats and mimics everything I do. 

-finally has a top teeth poking through!

-turns around every time he rides in a shopping cart so he can see where we are headed. He also has started associating the shopping cart with the free cookie (thanks to his daddy for that! ;)) and gets giddy for one whenever we head into the sore. 

-is looking forward to his first SLEEPOVER! My mom will be watching him overnight for my birthday (which is just 5 days after Jay's) for the first time. I am thrilled/nervous. 

I can hardly believe how quickly this year has gone! I am so impressed by you every day and so lucky to be your mama. Words can't really sum up all the feels I have for you, so I will just wrap up our 1 year updates by saying I love you endlessly tiny human. 


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jay's First Birthday Party

In our house there is a nonnegotiable rule that each and every birthday is celebrated hard. And despite that fact that Jay won't remember a darn thing about this day, his first birthday was absolutely no exception. And let's be real for a second, first birthdays are just as much for the parents as for the child (#isurvived). And as the leaves are sporting their finest fall colors, the air getting crisper, and the apples are getting sweeter, the theme was almost a no brainer. A fall lumberjack party for my tiny human complete with apples and caramel, roasted marshmallows, and inflatable axes.

Turns our that Jay is quite the party animal. He loved eyeing the silver balloons. He loved eating cake to his heart's content. He loved shredding up wrapping paper. But most of all, I think he loved having all his favorite people with him in the same place, at the same time.

And while a party is fun, the truth is this little kid deserves to be celebrated. He is so sweet and even-tempered. He works hard to learn new things every day. He is resilient and patient. And boy does he fill our lives with joy. Truly, my heart is filled to the very brim. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

11 Months of Jay Wheeler

At 11 months old Jay:

-took his first plane ride! We traveled to California to visit his grandma and grandpa great. I was very nervous in the days approaching this trip, but I can't help to brag on Jay for a minute. He was a tremendous flyer (aka slept the whole flight both ways) and traveler. We were going going going for 3 straight days and he was so resilient. Highlights of the trip included an open-to-close day at Universal Studios (with 90% of that time spent in Harry Potter land), a trip to Santa Monica pier, visiting the Los Angeles temple, and lots of snuggles from grandma and grandpa.

-seems to learn a new skill everyday! He can now climb up the stairs, wave hello, clap, and give a high five.

-has enjoyed soaking up the last leg of summer. We went to the Museum of Nature and Science, hosted a big BBQ at our house, visited the butterfly pavilion, and explored the community garden by our house. To be honest, I am NOT looking forward to many many months trapped inside because this kid loves adventuring. Perhaps it is time to start investing in some seriously warm winter gear!

-continues to boost his immune system as he worked through 2 more sicknesses. I think it was a combination of weaning him (breastmilk has all those good antibodies) and bringing him to the childcare at my MOPS group for the first time that really did him in. First he was plagued with a runny nose. Then he developed a cough. Then he got the most intense tummy bug complete with vomiting, blow-out diapers, and 4 days of a fever. Unfortunately he lost a little weight with this sickness so I think he is still right around 20 big ones. Although he is extremely snuggly while he is sick (literally just wants to rest on your chest for 10 hours a day), I am so happy he is on the mend.

-besides loosing his appetite for a few days during all that sickness, Jay has enjoyed adding more and more new foods to his diet. His favorite meal of all time was the deconstructed BLT he had for dinner the other night. He had his first taste of bacon (nom nom!), fresh tomatoes, avocado (to replace the lettuce), and asiago cheese bagel. My little boy has the a biggest appetite.

-really amped up his sleeping skills. Justin and I hypothesize that it was the trip to CA that really got him sleeping well. Now he a STRAIGHT sleeps 12-13 hours at night and two 1-2 hour naps during the day. I feed him his bottle and lay him down in the crib and he just passes out all on his own! He finally figured out how to sleep on his belly, which also probably helps. He has a special stuffed giraffe (named topper) and a mini blanket that he sleeps with. He loves when you put them right next to his face.

-Speaking of naps, this kid has implemented a strict requirement of 10 straight minuets of uninterrupted snuggling as SOON as he wakes up from nap. Try and skip this or cut it short and trust me, you will pay.

As we draw nearer to his first birthday, I am getting a little nostalgic of all the sweet memories we have made over the past 11 months. It has been such a sweet year together full of exploring, learning, growing, occasional crying (from both of us), but mostly pure joy. Kid, I am so glad you are mine! We belong together, you and I.

P.S. Can we talk about what a ham Jay is in his pictures this month? These images describe his personality PERFECTLY. *swoons*

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

10 Months of Jay Wheeler

A more realistic depiction of what our monthly pictures are like. hahaha!

At 10 months old Jay:

-gives the best hugs. For him this means laying his head down on your chest or shoulder for about 5 seconds before promptly popping back up.  

-started crawling! One day he just figured it out and has never looked back. He is also pro at scaling furniture, moving along said furniture, and "walking" with mama's help.

-has inherited  the cutest cowlicks from his dad right smack on the back of his head. His hair pokes straight up!  The other day a neighborhood kid was over right after Jay's bath time and was like "do you brush his hair like that or something because it's crazy!" Ha! And crazy it is! So part of our morning routine has become styling his wispy blonde hairs. My favorite dos are mohawks and the more traditional combover.

-enjoyed going to the Colorado History Museum this month. We saw their homelessness exhibit, their A-Z Colorado exhibit, and exhibits about coal miners, the dust bowl, and Native Americans. There was so much more to see so we will definitely be going back. Other notable outings this month were the Lakewood Farmer's market and the pool (his first time swimming!).

-'s number one strength is his ability to eat. Anything and everything. He shows a definite preference for fruit (especially peaches, blueberries, and raspberries), but also love his veggies, eggs, all kinds of meats, nut butters, whole grains, cottage cheese, and the occasional treat. For instance, he gobbled down a few bites of birthday cake at his cousin's 1st birthday party!

-Weighs about 20 lbs, wears 12 months clothes, and is just about outgrowing his size 3 diapers.

-Is sharp as a whip. JJ can show you his tongue and nose, give a high five, point, and does 3 signs (more, all done, and milk). We go to the library every Wednesday and get as many books as I can cram in his library bag and still that only lasts about 3 days! He can't get enough of listening to stories, turning pages, examining pictures.

-soaked up the 2016 summer Olympics to the fullest! We hosted a party for the Opening Ceremonies complete with black bean and pork stew over rice, pao de queijo, and Brazilian lemonade. We basically kept the games on all day to watch while we played.

-got sick for the first time and it was the literal worst. He had one swollen tonsil and ran a 104 degree fever for 3 days straight. He didn't sleep unless being held so we snuggled 24-7 (I obviously didn't mind that too much!), watched a lot of episodes of the Office, and ate lots of produce packed smoothies to soothe his throat. I am SO grateful he is healthy again.

Jay Wheeler, I can't believe you are in the double month digits! Watching you learn and grow a little more everyday makes my life so fulfilling. Life just makes sense when I am with you. XOXO. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

9 Months of Jay Wheeler

At 9 months old Jay:

-graduated from his helmet!!!! His head improved dramatically--all the way down to a 4.5mm asymmetry which is considered minor and falls into the 'normal' category. You better bet that I have been rubbing that soft blonde coconut as much as possible.

-is seconds away from crawling. As soon as that helmet was off this kid took off! He gets into crawling position, will stretch his arm out and reach far away objets, can make his way several feet across the room, turns 360s all over the place, and pulls up on everything but just hasn't gotten down the exact mechanics yet. 

-has been having some late nights. We took him to an evening concert in our community one night and also kept him up for a backyard party we hosted another night. As long as someone is feeding him all the goodies (one night he was fed an entire marshmallow and about 20 bites of frosting. *gasps in horror*)he is so happy and resilient. 

-discovered his pointer finger. He uses it to examine anything he can get his hands on but his favorite are buttons and tags.

-loves food. I have to repeat that for emphasis--THIS KID LOVES FOOD! He is my little bottomless pit. We joke that he got his dad's appetite and his mom's metabolism. The other day we were shopping at Costco and I made the mistake of eating a sample of cheesecake in front of him. As he always does if someone eats in front of him and doesn't share, he proceeded to flip his freaking lid (this is truly one of the only things that makes him mad). Well I didn't want him to eat the cheesecake, so I dashed around to the other sample stations frantically searching for something he could eat. Let's just say he downed 2 cups of veggie fried rice, a cheese asparagus ravioli, and half a dino nugget in about 3 minuets. Such a healthy, well-balanced lunch. #momfail  Ha! Some of his recent favorite foods are hummus, quinoa, oat muffins, graham crackers, and banana mashed up with almond butter. And all this food is on top of his usual supply of breastmilk, mind you.

-continues to enjoy this wonderful summer season. Some of our recent fun adventures were a trip to the Molly Brown house, Cow Appreciation Day at Chic-fil-a, shopping at the Golden farmer's market, and a trip to the city to meet daddy for lunch.

-has discovered a love for books. If I set a pile of board books (because these are the only kinds he won't chew up) in front of him, he will happily sit and turn all of the pages and examine the pictures. Oh it makes me so happy that he loves to read. I don't know what this bookworm mama would do if my baby didn't share my love of reading. We also finished the 6th Harry Potter and just started the 7th. I promised myself we would finish the series before I can read the Cursed Child! #soexcited

-'s favorite time of day is tooth brushing time. I am not sure if it is the mild fruit training toothpaste (that is literally the flavor) or the texture of the bristles, but he opens wide in anticipation every time. 

-continues to prey on his beloved Thule. Much to his mama's dismay, Justin taught him how to take drinks from her squirt bottle and now he opens his mouth wide every time he sees it. Jay loves watching me fill her food bowl and is practicing his "gentle touches". He also enjoys examining the tip of her tail (which is the only part of her tail that is white) with his magical pointer finger.

Each stage with this little guy gets more fun! I love our daily adventures together and enjoy watching him learn new things. He is a smart, funny, observant, patient, and happy kid and I am the luckiest to be his mama.