About Us

Hello and welcome to the Thunell Tale.!
I'm Lindsay.
I was born and raised in Colorado and then moved to Utah to pursue my bachelor's degree in nutritional science. 
After working for 2 years in the Research and Development department at doTERRA International, I decided to get my master's degree in nutritional science. Basically I study all the time. 
Besides studying I am full time wife, mama to a pretty kitty, and soon to be mama to a baby boy (October 2015). 
I am a wannabe chef, stretchy pants advocate, and committed to whole, balanced health.

The mister is Justin Zacahary.
He grew up in Utah, England, and Colorado.
After studying actuarial science at BYU, he landed his dream job as an Actuary.
He is also a Swedish speaking, Rugby playing, math loving, kladkaka baking stud. And I love the pudding out of him!

We are currently stationed near Denver, Colorado pursuing life as bonafide grownups in our first real home.
Our life is crazy and hectic and busy and happy and fun and perfect for us.
This blog is to document our every day tales.
Thanks for stopping by!

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