Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Proposal

I forgot just how much I adore working with kids.
Today was my first day of work...
 and as important as it is, I was a little bummed to find out I would be sitting in the break room for EIGHT hours reading handbooks and filling out paperwork, instead of in the classroom with my kiddos.

About 4 hours in, my boss brought me a goody bag filled with a bunch of little delights in celebration of 
Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thomas the Engine Stickers. 
Charlie Brown Band-aids. 
Strawberry Chap Stick. 
Bright Yellow Highlight.
Oh the life of a toddler teacher!

It also came with a random assortment of crayons.
Speaking of, crayons have the strangest names nowadays.
Steel blue, laser lemon, cerise, and my personal favorite,
Atomic Tangerine
...seriously?  That just sounds dangerous!

A few hours later the bus showed up bringing a load of older kids in for the after school program.
The break room overlooks the enrichment room, where these kids have snack and hangout.
So it wasn't long before one girl noticed me through the window.
I smiled and waved.  
She blushed and ran away.
All the while, I can hear EVERYTHING through the wall as she runs and tells her friends that there is a new lady reading the break room.
More kids came to sneak a look at me...
I waved.  Or made a silly face. Or gave a thumbs up.
And they would run and inquire the teacher about who I was, how old I am, ect.
After about 15 minuets of this, I was need a little wiggle break, so I went out to meet them all and curb their curiosity.
I met the adorable little girl who started the whole thing, and she abruptly told me
"Miss Lindsay, Carson told me he wants to marry you!"
Another little boy chimed in
"Yeah!  He said he's going to ask you on a date!"

  Carson turned crimson, dropped to the floor, and army crawled to hide behind the nearest table.
But don't worry, his embarrassment was short-lived, and in no time he was jumping around and begging to show me the grasshopper he caught during recess. 

This summer is going to be quite the adventure...working with those little darlings!
Who ever would of thought I would be getting proposed on my first day of an 8 year old?

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  Oh Happy Life!

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