Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You've Got Mail

Not to brag or anything,
but after just one month of working at this school
and I am 100% certain that I have the most fun job on the planet!
Monday and Tuesday I helped out in the school aged room,
which means 25 kids 1st through 6th grade.
Cookie Baking.
Capture the Flag.
Jumping Castles.
Crazy hairdos.
Belting Taio Cruz and Taylor Swift at the top of our lungs.
Am I seriously getting paid to do this stuff?
Today, I moved back down to my little guys.
Apparently the school-agers missed me a little
because ALL day long I got "mail" passed along to me by other teachers.
Here are just a sampeling...

Kids can be a little...ruthless.
They want to know EVERYTHING about your life.
A little taste of just one of the conversations I've had lately: 
Twin #1: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: It's complicated.
Twin #2: Ohhhh!  So you're married?
Me: NO! No no no.  Definatly not.
Both Twins: Why?
Me: I'm too young. I'm not dating anyone. I'm going to Jerusalem. It's complicated.
Twin #1: Here's what you gotta do Miss Lindsay.  Get a boy to take you on a romantic date. Go to Casa Bonita or something.
Twin #2: Yeah, then you have a sleepover at his house.
Twin #1: And then he will propose!
Twin #2: See Miss Lindsay, it's easy!

They sure keep me on my toes.
If only it was easy as getting a boy to take me to Casa Bonita.
Their smiles and hugs make my day every time.
Secretly, I'm more than a little sad that this summer is already one-fourth over.

Happy Work Day! Oh Happy Life!

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