Sunday, July 31, 2011

California Adventure: The City

This past week took me on a wonderful sort of adventure,
To visit that lovely roommate of mine, Miss Taylor Ann Veater.
She planned quite the smashing five days for us.
And since it wouldn't do this trip justice to try and squeeze the whole glorious thing into one blog post, today I'll cover just the beginning.

Location: San Francisco

We began with a day playing in the city
on account of me having never been to San Fransisco
and it being such an eccentric sort of place.
I could have spent five days there,
if we'd had the time.

we each treated ourselves to a handful of salt water taffee pieces 
from the most darling little candy shop
filled to the brim with endless barrels of candy in every imaginable flavor.

And oh the street performers
lining the stip every so often
and impressing the crowds with their unique talents.
The passion of this city was thick in the air.
Besides the shirtless English acrobats,
my favorite was the man who played guitar with no arms.
We stopped for awhile
to marvel
to listen
and to soak up real talent at its finest.

This man painted from head to toe in shiny metallic paint 
called me up to the front
and tried to lay a big old smooch on me!
Don't worry, I managed to resist!

(photo credit: Taylor Ann Veater)

And we somehow happened to stumble upon a little old Mongolian man
doing graphite portraits on the street corner.
Although we weren't ideal models,
(too busy giggling and catching up)
he still managed to do a spectacular job.

(photo credit: Taylor Ann Veater)

San Fransisco, it was enchanting to make your aquantaince.
Let's rendez-vous again soon?
Oh Happy Life!

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