Monday, February 13, 2012

i love reuniting

Remember how this wonderful lady came to visit this weekend?
It was a blissful occasion.
We first met in the Phoenix
when we were paired up as roommates at the Fiesta Resort
upon finding out that out flight to Jerusalem was cancelled and we would be trapped there for a week or so.
We filled the days with naps, hotel food, and trips to the temple.
And when we finally made it Jerusalem 
we attached at the hip.
Most people couldn't believe that we hadn't know each other before the trip.

sometimes people do real things with their lives.
 Like graduate.
And then they move far far away from Provo.
Which is exactly what Koryl here did!
So obviously I have been missing her loads this semester.
But don't worry,
3 consecutive sleepovers this weekend gave us plenty of time to catch up.
We also got to attend the farewell of one of our Jerusalem buds,
who is leaving this Wednesday for his mission in Boston!
What a stud.

It was a most refreshing weekend.
To constantly be in the presence of someone who see all the good in me,
when it is sometime hard to see it in myself.
Oh this weekend went flew away far to quickly!

Oakley, Idaho is only a few hours away
and I'm itching for an adventure.
So let's just say I see a road trip in my very near future.

Happy Reunions!  Oh Happy Life!

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