Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Reunion

First of all,
is my new layout not the most scrumptious thing you have ever seen?
Thanks so much to Rachel over at Tunes and Spoons for designing the whole thing for me!

Second of all,
why does the weekend always have to zip by far to quickly?
Koryl came into town on Friday, so obviously a Jerusalem reunion with the 4 musketeers (+ my sweet husband) was in order.
Especially since half of our little quartet are about to get hitched!
We did out usual and a round of root beers at Brick Oven.

Boy did our meet up get my heart aching for the Holy Land!
So don't mind if I reminisce a little...

(Aren't they darling? And haven't changed a bit...)

I couldn't resist putting up just a few Jerusalem pictures.
See more here, on my old Jerusalem Blog
(Don't worry, Whitney is taking this picture)
There is just something so special about the people who share a such grand adventure with you!
Koryl, thanks so much for a sweet and much needed visit!
Mark Ben and Whitney, congratulations on your wedding in only 18 more days!

Happy Reunion! Oh Happy Life!

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  1. VERY nice layout. Love reading your blog and keeping up with The Thunells in Provo.