Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lindsay and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Tuesdays, are my office day for my internship with Meals on Wheels.
So like usual, I jetted off to Orem after class.
But my car had different plans apparently, and decided to make this awful screaming sound the whole way there.
Panic, I don't do car problems.  Especially when my dad is 500 miles away. 
On the way home, there was obviously something very, very wrong.
The car would hardly move when I pushed on the gas and the screaming got louder and louder.
Luckily, I managed to coast slowly to the Harmon's a couple blocks away.
Until a pesky little hill decided to block my way into the parking lot...
Thank the high heavens for a pair of missionaries who happened to be walking by and helped me push my car up that hill!

Then I did what I do best.  
Called my mom crying, obviously.
But I quickly pulled myself together, called AAA, grabbed a diet coke, rolled the window down, and enjoyed the spring sunshine as I waited for Mike the friendly yellow tow truck drive to save me.
He hooked up little red to his truck and hauled us off to the mechanic.

One giant bill and 24 hours later, and I am happy to report that little red is home and healthy again!

The day turned out well after a night of snuggles with my cute husband.
And a good bit of knocking-sense by Justin's nana.
Be patient, she said.  Focus on the important things, she said. Things always work out, she said.
Have faith, she said.

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