Friday, March 15, 2013

Pi Day

Happiness is seeing these two little lovers tie the knot for all time and eternity!
From the Old City back to Provo, these two were certainty made for each other.
And sweet Aloma Koryl even made a quick trip down for the occasion.
The 4 musketeers, reunited again!
Since the reception was down in Salt Lake, the hubs and I decided to make a date of it.
I was devastated that we skipped out on celebrating pi day yesterday to study.
Especially since my hubs is a slightly nerdy super smart math major!
There is no excuse for missing such an important holiday!
So we gussied up,
grabbed an old groupon to Sammy's
and ordered up some finger-licking-good burgers and fries.
Then we slurped down some pie shakes and walked around downtown Salt Lake.
I'll say, those pie shakes were darn good!
Happy Pi Day (just one day late)!


  1. Her wedding dress is gorgeous with those lace sleeves! Also, your date looks amazing and so delicious!

  2. We must go there next time we're in town!!! So happy you had a wonderful night with old friends!