Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Stomaversarry!

Happy First Stomaversary Ryan!
Okay, let me explain.
Last year, my brother-in-law Ryan spent months and months of his life in and out of the hospital. Chron's disease caused him relentless GI pain. He lost tons of weight and was barely able to walk or sit up let alone work/mountain bike/hike/etc. 
He was finally able to find relief after receiving surgery to create an ileostomy (aka the suregon created an opening connecting the small intestine to a bag on the outside of the body).
It blows my mind that this type of procedure is even possible, but it has literally saved his life!
He is back to work, has been fixing up their house, carpenters, mountain bikes, gardens, camps, hikes, etc. etc. etc. 

Obviously, we had to celebrate the year anniversary of his ostomy because words cannot express what a blessing this has been on Ryan's health, his marriage, and our entire family.

Something very special was in order.
I was even able to fly in from Utah for the occasion.
We rode the light rail downtown for a show by none other than....
Be still my soul, it has been my lifelong dream to attend one of those shows and believe me, it did NOT disappoint.  
When I wasn't gobbling down my body weight in circus popcorn, I was on the edge of my seat the entire night because of the insanity of their tricks!
The unicyclists were my favorites.
But the trampoline artists, acrobats, juggler, and contortionists were close seconds.
We topped the evening off with a some quality family bonding time in the city.
It sure was one special celebration!
Congratulation Ry Guy. You are one studly/brave guy!

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  1. For some reason we havent been getting updated When you post. But I am so so blessed to see this post. Ry is a stud! Thanks for celebrating with us Linny. You love us well :)