Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paradise: Part 3

Is it possible to choose a "favorite" part of such an extraordinary trip?
If I had to choose, I would pick our day in Belize. 
It all started with a hike through the tropical rain forest to a river that runs into the country's natural cave systems. 
Armored with inflatable tubes and headlamps, we spent the afternoon exploring those amazing caves! 
After that, we ate a traditional Belizean meal of beans, rice, and spicy chicken thighs. Not to mention the fresh coconut. I may have eaten 1.5 of those things all by myself and have been craving it ever since! Perhaps it is time we invested in our own machete...I'll suggest that for Valentine's Day.
Unfortunately, most of the pictures from this day were taken on little waterproof disposable cameras and didn't turn out so well. Darn it! But we still managed to snap a few coconutty gems.

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  1. Loving Emmas hair! Let's eat fresh coconut someday together