Monday, August 4, 2014


I don't know how to begin describing a Ragnar. It was 36 hours of straight insanity consisting of 197 miles of running, 2 hours of sleep, never ending cow bell, temporary tattoos, and some serious team bonding. 

My first leg was a gorgeous trail run through the Wasatch mountains. I hardly noticed the miles fly by because I was so distracted by the beautiful forest, waterfalls, and wildlife. After that leg, we traveled to our next location where we got approximately 30 minuets of sleep in the car... Our team then ran through the night ending with me, beginning my leg right at the crack of dawn. I ran along the mountain highways just as the sun was rising. Somehow I got a second wind during this leg and kept around an 8 minuet pace. It was fun to kill (pass) tons of people and hear all the locals cheer me on. After this leg, we were really feely the lack of sleep. The girls and rolled out our sleeping bags in the shade of a giant pine tree and got some (like 1 hour...) of shut eye to in preparation for leg 3. This was the leg I was most excited about because I had been told it was an easy run along the highway that finished up with a lap at the Park City high school track. Easy, right? Imagine my surprise when I realized the course had been changed since the previous year and instead I would be scaling a mountain, running back down the other side, and then finishing up with another mile to the finish line. It was nearing dusk at this point, so I was one of the only people on the track--it's a miracle I didn't get lost with just little orange strips of cloth to mark the trail! I was so happy to be down that mountain that I sprinted out my last mile in about 7 minuets (a new record for me). My team met me just before the finish line and we all crossed together. I was so happy to get that giant orange medal and have an excuse to eat as many peanut M&Ms as I wanted on the ride home.

Thanks doTERRA for sponsoring such a fun weekend! How did I get so lucky to work for such a wonderful company?  
The 5 fabulous member's of van 2 gearing for the road trip to the starting line.
Ready for leg 1.
Resting after a long second leg.
The team "dad" dominating his leg. Can you believe this guy ran 37 miles in 36 hours?

Sleeping under a pine tree trying to get energy for leg 3.
So proud to finally get our medals (and car stickers...)!
Team Slim & Sassy!

Happy Wasatch Back 2014! 
Oh Happy Life.

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