Monday, February 9, 2015


Long time no talk, dear blog. Since we last spoke...
Justin passed his third actuarial competency exam and graduated with his degree in Actuarial Science. He also started a new job at Towers Watson in Downtown Denver.
I left doTERRA (well almost, I will be working from home for 2 more weeks), applied for graduate school (heaven help me!), picked up two side jobs, and commenced a new training program for a bunch of races this summer.
Together, we moved states (nice to see ya, Colorado!) and most notably....


It has been no easy journey, that's for dang sure. It is what they call a "seller's market", which really just means it is a buyer's nightmare. Homes are getting multiple offers and are selling way above asking price. Throughout this process, I have felt more emotional than a  high school girl! Each time we didn't get a home we wanted, I had to go through a serious break-up process to let that house go and try again.

Finally, our offer was accepted and a little brick bungalow in Lakewood will be ours in just 17 short days. I had an instant love connection with this home (but seriously, buying a home is a lot like dating). I get all googly eyes envisioning the next 10 years we will spend in this home and thinking about all of the incredible things we will experience within these walls. Making such a big commitment has been a daunting process, but the anticipation is building every day. Now all that's left to do is sign on the dotted line and get our keys! 

And now, onto some picture.

P.S. We have a guest room, that needs filling with visitors. Just saying...

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