Sunday, April 26, 2015

14 Week Pregnancy Update

The Baby
Although this week Baby T is the size of a lemon, I am sure this little babe is just as sweet as can be! Justin and I really enjoyed learning that Baby T is now sporting a coat of downy fur to keep warm in the womb. Basically we are imagining a furry little alien living in there. Haha!

The Bump
I am happy to report that I have finally started gaining weight and have put on about 2 pounds since by 12 week update! It is actually 5 pounds total because I lost about 3 pounds in the first 8 weeks, but who is counting; I am just happy that the scale is now moving in the right direction. There is still no bump to report, besides the bloated food baby that appears for a couple after I eat. *sighs*

The Cravings
-Lemonade (duh!)
-Fruit of any variety
-Peppermint of any variety (tea, candies, essential oil)
-Spring rolls
-FroYo loaded up with fresh fruit and sour gummy worms
-Corn flakes
-Ham & Cheese Lean Pockets (so gross, I know, don't judge)
-Breakfast Burritos

The Aversions
-Anything with cumin
-Deli meat
-Chipotle (see below)

The Pros
Due to a scary experience this week, I had to have an emergency appointment with my doctor. Finding out that everything was fine provided more relief that I can describe, but it also meant that we got to have an unexpected ultrasound and a quick peek at 14-week old Baby T. The neatest part was seeing his/her heart beating on the screen. 158 perfect beats per minuet.

We have picked out a name for the baby (we don't know the gender yet, but we have a VERY strong suspicion). I love using the name when we talk to Baby T--it feels so right! I guess we should also think of names for the other gender, just in case we're wrong. 

The Cons
We finally made it through the first trimester, so ironically, this happens to be the time when those pesky early-pregnancy symptoms have hit me full blast. I mean, as much fun as barfing up a whole chipotle burrito moments after I finish eating it is...wait, yeah that's actually not fun at all. Luckily, it isn't all day nausea. It hits me quick and as soon as I get everything out, I feel 100% better!

One word--ACNE. Hello face of a pubescent 14-year old!

And of course, that wretched sciatica. I use a big pillow to support my back when I sit/sleep and have to make sure I walk around a lot. A warm rice pad is also my new best friend. But no matter what I do, by bedtime I always seem to have pelvic pain accompanied by tingling/shooting pains in my left leg. Any suggestions?

The Husband
The Mister takes another one of those huge competency exam for his job this week, which means hours and hours and hours of studying. I am convinced he is superman because somehow this hasn't stopped him from taking great care of me. I know just how unconditional his love for me is when he holds my hair back and rubs my back as I am bending over the toilet (TMI?). But seriously, this guy is a saint. And thanks for my perfectly balanced pregnancy hormones, I have started getting all teary eyed every time he talks to my belly. Seriously though, NOTHING gets me crying like seeing Justin in full daddy-mode. I better stop, or I will seriously start crying right now. 

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  1. These are probably my favorite baby bump updates- your outfits are so cute!! I am excited to hear the baby name :)