Tuesday, June 2, 2015

18 Week Pregnancy Update

The Baby
Baby T is now the size of a belle pepper and growing everyday. That seems so huge! Wow!

The Bump
My bump is ever growing! This week a permanent bump (aka: one not solely based on the amount I've eaten) seems to have popped out a bit, though everyone besides my husband and mom tells me it is still nonexistent. Haha! I was excited to talk to my doctor about my weight gain and be reassured that even though I am on the very low end of gain so far, I am healthy and "normal"! What a relief. During pregnancy, normal is certainly one thing it is good to be.  

The Cravings
-Fruit Fruit Fruit
-Raw broccoli, belle peppers, carrots, pretty much any raw vegetable
But, overall, my appetite seems to be normalizing. Some specific items (curry, yuck!) and some strong smells really get me, but overall I am able to eat just about anything I want, no problemo.  

The Exercise
My energy has continued rise, which is just the greatest thing EVER because it means I have been able to go RUNNING more consistently. It is hard to believe that this time one year ago I was in the final stages of training for my first half marathon. It has been a hard adjustment to go from clocking 30 miles a week with 10-11 mile single runs to just 3-5 miles at a much slower pace with more walking. My exercise and fitness goals are adjusting as I get used to this new pregnant body of mine. For now my main goal continues to be simply staying as active as possible, listening to my body, and keeping this pregnancy as healthy as possible. I plan on running consistently from now until it just doesn't feel right anymore, but for now, I still love love love love it! Plus, the Colorado weather has finally gotten its act together, so running outside is now a real possibility. 

The Pros
I FELT THE BABY MOVE! The first time was 3 distinct fluttering thumps on my lower left abdomen. It was so noticeable that I was stopped dead in my tracks! Now I love when these little thumps surprise me throughout the day. Justin, of course, is extremely jealous and anxious for the day when he can feel these movements too. He holds my belly as much as he can anyways, hopeful for that moment, even though I told him it will likely be a couple more weeks.  

The Cons 
Sleep. I dread it--the back pain. Like, lets not even talk about it. 

Let's get serious for a few minuets...for some reason, it seems that many people think pregnancy is a time when they can make any dang comment they want about a woman's body or appearance. I have heard a number of things that have frankly been totally inappropriate. Do you know my personal situation, my health history, my diet, etc? Then keep those negative, comparative, judgmental, uninformed comments to yourself. Thank you very much.

A Note to the Little
Hello Baby T,

You are such a wiggly little baby--feeling you move was the highlight of my week! We are leaving soon on a quick trip to Las Vegas to spend some time together before you arrive. Hopefully this will also help time pass more quickly until our anatomy/gender reveal ultrasound! This appointment has been anxiously awaited for months, so of course, now that we are down to the single digits of days, time has now seemed to slow down! Counting down the minuets until we can see your sweet face again. We love you and are so grateful that you will be joining out family soon. 

Love, Mama

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