Wednesday, June 10, 2015

20 Week Pregnancy Update

The Baby
It feels really great to have reached the half way mark! The size and growth of this little baby just blows my mind; this week the baby is as big as a banana.

The Bump
Sweet mercy, this week my belly has EXPLODED. I have heard from many women that there was a point where their belly seemed to just "pop", but this could not be more true for me. Seriously, it was like BOOM and then one day it was just THERE. Since we were in Las Vegas all weekend, I had to improvise for our weekly progress pictures. Cue the most expensive banana of my life from the hotel market and a bikini. But hey, it works. Since returning from Las Vegas, I have to admit that my belly has shrunk back down a lot. Perhaps it was all the eating out and consuming foods that were likely loaded up with sodium. After my body normalized from our trip, I think I have gained about 9 pounds so far. 

The Cravings
-Turkey and cheese sandwiches (like I probably ate this at LEAST once a day on our trip)
-Raw broccoli
-Caramel corn (there are not enough places that sell this!!)

The Exercise
As I mentioned, this week, Justin and I spent 4 days in Las Vegas, which meant a ton of walking. I'm not exaggerating here, in a single day I clocked a quick 2.5 mile run on the treadmill in the morning and then we walked over 12 miles on the strip. 15 miles total!!! But my body handled it extremely well. I felt great all week and had enough energy to do everything we wanted to do. 

The Pros
Due to the aforementioned belly popping, I noticed a few ladies sneak a peak at my belly. Sheer joy, I tell you! I can't wait to be out of this "fluffy" pregnancy stage where it isn't completely obvious is your are pregnant or just gaining weight.

We also had our anatomy ultrasound this week...which you know, was freaking exciting! 

The Husband
You are either crazy or love me a whole lot to agree to a vacation in Las Vegas with your pregnant wife in 100+ degree weather. Thanks for taking things slow when I needed to, mapping out routes through the casinos so we could avoid the heat, rubbing my swollen feet and aching back at the end of the day, taking me to Coke world (twice) to fulfill my craving for a root beer float and listening to my none stop babbling about all things baby. I loved our 1-on-1 time together! Every day I am more sure that Baby T and I are the luckiest in the world because your are ours. 

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