Monday, July 27, 2015

26 Week Update

Practicing rocking the "baby"

*I am 2 weeks late posting this (though I wrote it during the 26th week) because I always procrastinate uploading my pictures. #sorrymom 

The Baby
You'll notice that my updates skipped ahead a bit. As I mentioned before, the doctor has been saying since my first ultrasound that my due date was likley to get bumped up because the baby is growing ahead of schedule. Last week at my 24-week appointment, it was finally confirmed! My new (and hopefully final) due date is October 16. I made the doctor promise this is the last time they would change it! She found four different dates listed in my carts ranging everywhere from October 8 to October no wonder we were confused! 

This week Baby T is as big as a head of cauliflower and weights around 2 pounds! We love that this little guy is starting to plump up.

The Bump
I think I may have (finally!) reached that point where there is no denying that I am pregnant. After hearing "but you are so tiny" or "you must not be very far along because I can't even tell" time and time again, it has been great to finally be asked this week if I was pregnant! I have certainly noticed a few ladies sneak a peak at my belly as I pass them when I am out and about. My weight gain is right around 12 pounds so far. Perfectly healthy for where I am in this pregnancy!

The Cravings
Basically everything. We pass a restaurant/donut shot/produce stand and instantly whatever it is sounds delicious. For the most part I am sticking to my healthy routine, but I do indulge myself now and again. But really, who can resist half price shakes after 8pm at sonic? No one, that's who. 

The Pros
The nursery is nearing completion! I got the gold dot pattern put on the wall, the rug arrived, and the rocker is assembled. Just waiting to find some of the finishing touches before I post pictures. 

The Cons
Sleep is basically nonexistent. I don't know how I function throughout the day on only a few hours a night, but my body just can't get comfortable anymore. If it isn't an achy back its an achy hip/rib/whatever. And just when I do get comfortable, I have to pee. All I can say is thank heaven for naps!

Oh and you know, being hit some more with weird random sickness. For instance, Justin and I were walking at Sloan's Lake, one of our favorite places nearby that is about 2.5 miles all the way around. Conveniently, just as we are passing the halfway mark my body decided to throw up each and every last blueberry that I ate breakfast (TMI? sorry!). Luckily it was a Saturday morning when everyone and their mom is walking at Sloan's. I got some really weird looks as I was doubled over just off the sidewalk barfing my guts out. I walk there frequently, so I was so happy that it happened to be one of the times when Justin was with me. I don't know what I would have done if I was all alone! 

I am lucky though because as soon as its over its over. No lingering nausea or anything like that--just have to survive the 5 minuets of throw up torture. 

The Husband
This guy is such a champion. As I mentioned, I have been sleeping mega crappy--which means a LOT of tossing and turning. He is always so patient and sweet when I wake up in the wee hours of the morning needing a back tickle or a drink or to change positions.

We have started referring to the baby as JJ, short for Justin Jr., until we can select a name (boy names are so hard for us!). But I have to be honest, I hope this guy is everything like his daddy! Imagining a mini-Justin running around just about makes my heart burst.