Monday, August 24, 2015

32 Week Update

The Baby
At 32 weeks Baby T is the size of a pineapple. Seems like a major leap from a cucumber, so I assume this means the part without the flowering top. Or maybe I just bought a really small cucumber last week. haha! But I am sure this little man is every bit as scrumptious a a pineapple. Apparently he is also weighs a whopping 4 pounds! Wow! 

The Bump
Nothing new to report besides the bump is growing each day. I had my 32 week appointment this week and gained 3 more pounds since my 28 week appointment for a grand total of 18 pounds so far. And man do I feel each and everyone of them! 

The Cravings
Tomatoes from our garden
Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches. (This week my mom and dad attended a peach festival and brought us 10 of the most amazing, huge, juicy, peaches. It was glorious to see them fill up our ENTIRE fruit bowl, but don't worry, I devoured each and everyone in a matter of days. And that was on top of the 6 regular peaches I purchased at the grocery last week. And I just bought 6 more at my grocery run this week. It is a problem, really.)

The Exercise
Due to a weird hospitalization (see below), my doctor told me to take it really easy this week. I did, but it was NOT fun. Besides going stir crazy, I was so stiff and sore the entire week. After getting the green light to get back to my normal routine, I have felt much better! My workouts are continuing to slow down and are shorter, but seriously, I can't say enough how much exercise has helped me this pregnancy! It has been such a lifesaver for managing my aches and pains. I can't wait for fall to set in and make my daily walks colorful and a heck of a lot cooler. 

The Pros
Among the most exciting things this week was finally coming to a consensus on a name. We are 99% sure set on this name (but hey, gotta give yourself that 1% wiggle room in case he comes out and it just doesn't fit). I love to finally have something to call him as I chat with him throughout the day. And of course doodling with his name on the edges of my grocery lists and school assignments. But don't even ask what it is because we are not revealing it until his birthday! 

Nesting. Hardcore nesting. My house has never been cleaner, my husband has never been better fed, or items on my to-do list never checked off more quickly. This week I lined the curtains, pulled out my fall decorations, finished thank you notes, prepared freezer dinners, fed the missionaries and another family, made a 72-hour kit for the baby, baked cookies, deep cleaned, the list goes on....

The Cons
I had to take a quick jaunt to the hospital for a scary experience. Luckily, it was just a false alarm! I had some suspicious bleeding during my first trimester of pregnancy, but experienced it again this week accompanied by some truly excruciating pelvic and side pains. I called the 24-hour hotline through our healthcare provider and she immediately told me to head to the hospital. After seeing both a triage nurse at the hospital and my regular doctor, they still cannot identify the cause of the bleeding, which is concerning; however, baby boy is just as healthy as can be. So for now they tell me I have nothing to worry about as far as this bleeding goes. Better safe than sorry is becoming our mantra this pregnancy.  

My Braxton Hicks have really kicked it up a notch. Usually they just cause a bit of discomfort, but occasionally they stop me dead in my tracks. However, it is a great opportunity to practice my breathing techniques in a real, life setting. Plus, I am going to have one dang toned uterus in time for birth! haha. 

A Letter to the Little
Hi Sweet Baby Boy,

Don't be jealous, but you are no longer our first child--this week we brought home a sister for you! Okay, okay, it is just a cat, but she sure is a sweet girl and fits into our family perfectly. She loves to snuggle up close to my belly while your dad is at work (we are still working on getting her to like your dad), but you scared the whits out of her the other day with one of your most powerful kicks! Ha! She jumped up so quick and then refused to snuggle with me again for a while. You sure are getting big and strong.

You will be happy to know that this week you sweet/cute/perfect cousin Gideon was born. Secretly I was very excited that he was a boy because I just know you guys will be BFFs. I melted holding that little bundle of job in my arms, so I can only imagine how I will feel when it is YOU. Hurry up, won't you? We are literally counting down the days. 


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