Saturday, October 31, 2015

Newborn Photoshoot

My most talented mother-in-law (for all your Colorado locals, you can find her photography website here) offered to snap a few newborn pictures of JJ. I am swooning over our handsome little man! He was so brave throughout the entire process--even when we took him outside on a chilly fall day. And I was proud that he waited to poop and pee all over her photography props until we were wrapping up the shoot. That is quite the feat for Jay because he basically pees or poops on me during each and every diaper change. *sighs* We're working on it. Anyways, feast your eyes out over these cute pics. You should probably grab a napkin or two now because you will be drooling over his deliciousness by the end. Yum!


  1. Your baby is absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations again!!

  2. UGH THE FIRST SHOT!!!! I literally drooled over myself because he is so yummy!