Monday, December 21, 2015

2 Months of Jay Wheeler

At two months old Jay:

-is porking up nicely. We scheduled his 8-week checkup 2 weeks early and he weighed nearly 12 pounds. Since this child is growing faster than a weed, I used our (super accurate) home scale to weigh him again on his 2 month birthday and he weighed 13.5 pounds! Which means he is up nearly 7 pounds since birth. The doctor also told us that he bumped up from the 90th percentile to the 99.11% for head circumference. Ha! If I could describe Jay in 2 words, they would be plump and delicious.

-continues to amaze us with his incredibly laid back temperament. Our pediatrician and her nurse made so many comments about what a calm, happy, content baby Jay is. I mean, the boy didn't even cry when he got his 2-month vaccines! The only thing that makes him mad is being hungry (see bullet point one). #milkiesforlife Trust me, you want to get a boob in that kids face before he gets hungry otherwise he morphs into quite the spicy little pistol.

-has begun to find his voice. Cooing at daddy during diaper changes seems to be among his top favorite activities these days. He also enjoys squeaking, grunting and blowing bubbles. However, he is very soft-spoken and prefers chatting with people 1-on-1. He is also so polite and speaks very quietly and will always wait for you to stop talking before he will start.

-rejects his paci, try as I might to get him to take it! Luckily he overlooks his hatred of plastic nipples when it comes to the bottle because they supply him with the milkies. He'll do anything for his milkies, this kid.

-is a sucker for kisses from his mama. He can't help but grin every time I plant a big smooch on his lips. It is the cutest darn thing in the world. Speaking of smiles, he started smiling intentionally this month! He seems to be happiest in the morning when I get him ready for the day or when he receives some 1-on-1 attention. But start vying too hard or waving a camera in his face and this boy goes totally stone-faced. Hence the smileless update pictures for this month. 

-is finally starting to look less like a newborn baked potato and more like a real human being. My favorite characteristic is his GIANT blue eyes. Those things are awfully observant. Jay loves to make eye contact and and will likely crack you a smile if you happen catch his eye.

-is sleeping better. Each night he snoozes for one long stretch (4-6 hours) at the beginning of the night followed by shorter (2-4 hour) stretches until morning. His mama on the other hand is still surviving off of diet coke because getting back to sleep after midnight nursing sessions is near impossible. Amiright? He did revert back into a "newborn" sleep schedule when we transitioned him into his crib (he had been sleeping in a swing due to some early breathing issues). Not sure what it was, but he HATED sleeping flat on his back at first. It was a rough couple of days, but after surviving those few frustrating nights, he got the hang of the crib and is back to his regular sleeping schedule.

-is a great listener. Jay will spend sit so contently on my lap listening to chapter after chapter of Harry Potter. Music also seems to get him going. There are a couple of songs he seems to be particularly keen on. Maybe I am just imagining that he can recognize this song, but EVERY time the Julia Sheer & Tyler Ward cover of Iyaz (don't judge...) comes on Pandora, he excitedly kicks his legs. Obviously I can't resist picking him up and twirling my little chubster all around the house.

-continues to work on his friendship with Thule. She now will lay on my legs while I am nursing Jay, but for the most part, she still pretends he doesn't exist. Albeit she does love stretching out in his play yard when he is not using it. I refuse to give up hope though...these two are going to be BFF's if I have anything to say about it.

-stayed with a babysitter (grammy and gramps Nelson) for the first time this month while his mama ran to the grocery store. I may or may not have called Justin crying from the car even though Jay did so great! I never appreciated how nice it is to have family close. Jay gets to spend so much time with both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and his favorite (aka only) cousin. What a lucky little guy! He now stays with a babysitter for short stretches more regularly. My sister babysat Jay AND watched her own 4 month old baby the other day so I could go grocery shopping. I swear she is superman or something. 

One of my favorite memories from this month was Thanksgiving. I bought Jay a special little Thanksgiving outfit complete with a turkey on the bum. He slept happily in my moby wrap during dinner and then got passed around like a hot potato after dinner. A baby brings happiness to people like nothing else--and not just to his parents. I love watching family members and friends hold this little baby because absolutely NO ONE can contain their smiles while they do. I knew expanding our family would be one of the greatest joys of my life, but something I never I never imagined what a special blessing Jay would be in the lives of our family and friends. Babies are happiness makers, that's for sure. 

You guys, only one more month until this little man is no longer considered a newborn. THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE. But because I know time will never slow down, please excuse me while I go soak up every last minuet with this little chunky babe of mine.

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