Wednesday, August 31, 2016

10 Months of Jay Wheeler

A more realistic depiction of what our monthly pictures are like. hahaha!

At 10 months old Jay:

-gives the best hugs. For him this means laying his head down on your chest or shoulder for about 5 seconds before promptly popping back up.  

-started crawling! One day he just figured it out and has never looked back. He is also pro at scaling furniture, moving along said furniture, and "walking" with mama's help.

-has inherited  the cutest cowlicks from his dad right smack on the back of his head. His hair pokes straight up!  The other day a neighborhood kid was over right after Jay's bath time and was like "do you brush his hair like that or something because it's crazy!" Ha! And crazy it is! So part of our morning routine has become styling his wispy blonde hairs. My favorite dos are mohawks and the more traditional combover.

-enjoyed going to the Colorado History Museum this month. We saw their homelessness exhibit, their A-Z Colorado exhibit, and exhibits about coal miners, the dust bowl, and Native Americans. There was so much more to see so we will definitely be going back. Other notable outings this month were the Lakewood Farmer's market and the pool (his first time swimming!).

-'s number one strength is his ability to eat. Anything and everything. He shows a definite preference for fruit (especially peaches, blueberries, and raspberries), but also love his veggies, eggs, all kinds of meats, nut butters, whole grains, cottage cheese, and the occasional treat. For instance, he gobbled down a few bites of birthday cake at his cousin's 1st birthday party!

-Weighs about 20 lbs, wears 12 months clothes, and is just about outgrowing his size 3 diapers.

-Is sharp as a whip. JJ can show you his tongue and nose, give a high five, point, and does 3 signs (more, all done, and milk). We go to the library every Wednesday and get as many books as I can cram in his library bag and still that only lasts about 3 days! He can't get enough of listening to stories, turning pages, examining pictures.

-soaked up the 2016 summer Olympics to the fullest! We hosted a party for the Opening Ceremonies complete with black bean and pork stew over rice, pao de queijo, and Brazilian lemonade. We basically kept the games on all day to watch while we played.

-got sick for the first time and it was the literal worst. He had one swollen tonsil and ran a 104 degree fever for 3 days straight. He didn't sleep unless being held so we snuggled 24-7 (I obviously didn't mind that too much!), watched a lot of episodes of the Office, and ate lots of produce packed smoothies to soothe his throat. I am SO grateful he is healthy again.

Jay Wheeler, I can't believe you are in the double month digits! Watching you learn and grow a little more everyday makes my life so fulfilling. Life just makes sense when I am with you. XOXO. 

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