Tuesday, December 6, 2016

1 Year of Jay Wheeler

I'm only 2 months late FINALLY adding pictures to this post. #storyofmylife

At 12 months (1 YEAR!!!!) old Jay:

-is saying all the words. Currently he can say mama, papa, bye bye, up, baba (bottle), balloon, green, and blue. He is also learning animal sounds and will consistently make the sound for snake, bear, and lion if I show him the picture. He can recognize dog and cat nosies but can't quite make them yet.

-loves going to the library every week! We started these library outings when he was about 3 months old and haven't missed a single week since. Each week we get about 20 picture books, so by my calculations, he has read over 750 library books. This doesn't include the dozens of books we own or the novels I have read to him (all 8 of the Harry Potters and starting on the Chronicles of Narnia). My tiny book worm!

-made the transition to cows milk like it ain't no thang. Now he slurps that stuff down like a maniac. Justin already goes through 2 gallons of milk a week, so I am pretty sure that some serious fridge real estate is going to need to be allocated to milk soon. #strongbonesforlife

-is sooooo mobile. He crawls. He scoots along the couch. He climbs the stairs in both directions. But he still has absolutely ZERO interest in walking. But I mean, why would he when his other methods of transportation are so fast and effective?

-had the BEST birthday! Justin took work off and we spoiled him rotten all day long. He woke up to homemade pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles. Then Gramps came over to open presents--his favorite of which is his new Halloween book, some magnetic letters for the fridge, and a textured orange ball. Then we headed to the zoo. We go to the zoo just about every week so we made it special with a ride on the carousel (Jay choose the black panther) and icecream. Later Jay's lifelong dream of riding the train was fulfilled when we rode the lightrail downtown for dinner. We watch that thing on our walks every single day and he has yet to ride it! He was thrilled, to put it lightly.

-is like a tiny sponge that learns something new every day. He can drink from a straw, match colors, wave bye bye, stack blocks, and give a high five. It is humbling how much he repeats and mimics everything I do. 

-finally has a top teeth poking through!

-turns around every time he rides in a shopping cart so he can see where we are headed. He also has started associating the shopping cart with the free cookie (thanks to his daddy for that! ;)) and gets giddy for one whenever we head into the sore. 

-is looking forward to his first SLEEPOVER! My mom will be watching him overnight for my birthday (which is just 5 days after Jay's) for the first time. I am thrilled/nervous. 

I can hardly believe how quickly this year has gone! I am so impressed by you every day and so lucky to be your mama. Words can't really sum up all the feels I have for you, so I will just wrap up our 1 year updates by saying I love you endlessly tiny human. 


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