Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marshmallow Cupcakes

Tomorrow, the girls in my ward are having a party to celebrate the birthday of Relief Society.
Naturally, i volunteered to bring the cupcakes!
3 hours and 60 cupcakes later...

Aren't they darling?

Some simple and some extra fancy.
And ever so easy to make!
Just cut some mini marshmallows on the diagonal. (Secret: I used scissors for this.)
Roll the halves around in some sugar style sprinkles.
Shape them around an M&M. I chose the Easter pack in hopes of encouraging this delightful Spring weather to stick around for a while!
Please oh please, no more snow!
I love the warm sunshine on bare arms. 
 I love being serenaded by the chirping birds on my morning walk to class.  
I love the golden daffodils lining the walkways around campus.  

This cute girl was my sidekick today.  
She is a master frost-er!  I'm telling you, she can make accent leaves like nobody's business!
We spent the afternoon chatting.
And storytelling.
And laughing about our sticky fingers and frosting covered shirts.  

We borrowed a cupcake transporter.  
Brilliant invention, if you ask me.
I will be investing in one of these little babies ASAP! 

Lauren was a taste tester.
She approved!

Happy Birthday Relief Society!  Oh Happy Life!

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