Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cowboy Boots

Tonight I won my very own pair of cowboy boots.
At a Relief Society gift exchange.
Other girls got chocolate or body lotion or sewing kits or art supplies.
But I got cowboy boots.
Random?  Very.  Perfect?  Absolutely.

They are midnight blue with white stitching.
You better believe I am already coordinating my Sunday church outfit around them.
And I may or may not have worn them around the apartment all night.

Okay, okay.  I DID wear them around the apartment all night.
(Sorry I am that creepy girl who takes pictures of herself in the mirror.  I just wanted everyone to get the full effect of their glory. )

Today also happens to mark the one year point of my best friend in the entire world, Justin Zachary Thunell, leaving on a two year mission to Stockholm, Sweden.  Ironically, these boots just happen to be Justin brand.  Made me smile.

Happy Weekend! Oh Happy Life!

1 comment:

  1. I'm really glad you got them :) It makes me happy to know they'll be used and enjoyed profusely ^^