Friday, April 29, 2011


Hired Hired Hired!
After a long (and often entertaining) job hunt, it feels great to be employed.
Looks like I will be spending my summer:

finger-painting with toddlers...
cuddling tiny babies...
playing legos and checkers with the kindergarteners...
and all the diaper-changing, kissing boo-boos, washing hands & faces, food spills, and sunscreen that come in between.
I start early next week.
So you better believe I will be soaking up my last few days of summer as a non-working woman by

seeing this movie...
(with the delightful Miss Oaks, of course)

reading this book...

trying this new recipe...
(turkey sausage and lentil soup)
Sausage & Lentil Soup

oh and plenty of walks in the sunshine,
fresh picked flowers from mother's garden,
hand-written letters,
and diet coke.

Happy Spring! Oh Happy Life!

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