Saturday, April 2, 2011



You are lucky enough to be best friends with a beautiful person.

A person who would give up a date just for a girl's nights.
Someone who appreciates your love for good food and introduces you to the classiest restaurants in town.  
And defiantly someone who understands why Gorgonzola cheese on a pizza is a HUGE deal!
Someone who insists on using the fancy glasses...even if it is just for milk & cookies.
Someone who knows there is nothing you adore more than driving with the window's down while eating Costco soft serve.  Mine swirl.  Her's vanilla.
Someone always willing to go grocery shopping at random hours of the night.
Someone who would spontaneously chop off over a foot of her long, gorgeous hair for a new, sassy, short do.
Someone who time passes far too quickly with.  Someone you don't want to live apart from for a whole entire summer.  Someone who makes everyday just a little brighter.


You are lucky enough to run into a random sidewalk sale.
Where everything is on clearance for $5 dollars or less.
We're talking huge boxes filled with J Crew, Down East, American Eagle, ect.
And sometimes all 3 things you buy WITHOUT trying them on happen to be winners.

Sea Foam Green Shirt.  Check.
Plaid Wool Skirt. Yes Please.
Joe's Extra Skinny Jeans.  MmHm.

And sometimes...

You're lucky enough to score tickets to GENERAL CONFERENCE.

And get to spend a whole Saturday morning in the city,
with two of your very favorite people,
walking past this gloriously beautiful temple....
to the conference center that seats 21,000 people,
where you will listen to the sweet voice of the prophet,
and remember just how lucky you are and how rich your life really is.

Happy Conference! Oh Happy Life!

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