Sunday, April 24, 2011


The past month has been an absolute blur.
After 2 solid weeks of studying, last minuet cramming, and final exams, I am proud to say that I am officially on summer break!
Though, solid snow flurries and rainstorms for the past few days prevent me from really believing this is possible...
Arvada is exactly how I remember it.
Wonderful, but a titch boring.
Lucky for me, that leaves ample time to catch up from my shameful absence in the blogging world for the past month.  And read the million books on my book list.  And plant a garden. And try a few of the new recipes I've come across that just sound ever so delicious.  And spend time with old friends.  And get some beauty sleep. And train for a half-marathon.  And sip diet coke in the sunshine.   
Summers are a beautiful thing.

Oh Jerusalem.  
I didn't get into the program.  But I didn't not get into the program either.  
I'm fourth on the waiting list...doing exactly that, waiting.  
Anytime between now and August 30th, I could find out that I have been bumped off of the waiting list and into the program for fall semester!!  
Just in case this doesn't happen, I'm guaranteed a spot for the winter semester.  
In all honesty, this situation could be overwhelming and frustrating.  I still can't sign housing for the fall, finalize job plans, or set up an academic schedule.  My life will be in this constant state of limbo until I find out for sure... 
But instead, I am mostly just humbled and filled to the brim with excitement at the thought that I am actually going to the Holy Land!
For 4 whole months.  
EEEEEEEEEEEE. (That is me squealing via blog)
This entire situation is totally out of character for me...hectic and last-mintue.  
But I guess a little dose of spontaneity never hurt anyone!  
I'll keep you posted on any changes, but until then,
 I will be here...
 dreaming of 
leather sandals & olive trees.

Happy Easter!  Luke 24:5-6

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