Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cloud Watching

Sunday's are the loveliest day of the week.
Today, I spent most of my afternoon with my favorite 6 year old.
We swung
and danced
and jumped
and raced
and pretended
and giggled

...and cloud watched.

I saw an elephant.  She saw it as the Grinch who stole Christmas.
I saw a flower.  She saw it as a buzzing alarm clock.
I saw a face.  She saw it as the tooth fairy.

Oh how sweet is the mind of a 6 year old.
Nothing makes her happier 
than when I give her a smear of my vanilla mint lip gloss,
or reading Junie B. Jones and Fancy Nancy books,
or sneaking a handful of sweet blackberries before dinner.
And did you know there are about a million different ways to go down a slide?
Each one requiring an audience and round of applause of its own!
So much imagination, energy, and zeal for life.
Ohhh to be 6 again...

Happy Clouding!  Oh Happy Life! 

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