Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nothing makes my day like...

Nothing makes my day like...
walking into work
and hearing 10 little todds scream "Miss Lindsay!!"
while all rushing to give me a giant hug.
Grape jelly covered fingers on my khaki pants and all.

Nothing makes my day like...
brand new running shoes
pounding along the concrete,
in the perfect overcast weather
while the rain takes a little break from falling.

Nothing makes my day like...
getting to celebrate the graduation of my sissy for an entire day.
This girl is amazing.
She managed to graduate from UCD in 4 years despite
getting married and moving to Saudi Arabia.
I may or may not have played Angry Birds through most of the ceremony on Ry's ipod...
But that's beside the point.

The cutest couple you have ever seen?
 Lunch at McGrath's Fishhouse.
The Hazelnut Sole was incredible.
We might have had some fun too...
 The Nelson's.
Sorry about the weird lighting.
Vera Bradley Wallet. PierOne Lamp. Spa Package. Money. Perfect.

Nothing makes my day like...
Random unexpected scholarships.
Long skirts and outlet converters and chocolate colored Toms for Jerusalem
Rainy days.
Jack Johnson's song Banana Pancakes.
Or tomorrow being Friday.

Happy Graduation!  Oh Happy Life!

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  1. I would like to participate in banana pancakes, outdoor adventures and J-RU with you...