Monday, May 30, 2011

Stretchy Pants

ANYONE who knows me well knows I am a lover of stretchy pants.
In fact, 
there might be nothing I love more than stretchy pants...
Except maybe 
or pickles, 
or diet coke, 
or tulips.
The second I enter the house that cute outfit is replaced by a pair of stretchy pants.
I'll never understand the sweatpants people...
Those baggy, bulky things.
Oh no...stretchy pants are where it's at.
I would wear them twenty four hours a day if it was socially acceptable.
Unfortunately, it is not.
But today, I may have just come up with the perfect solution.
Think a beautiful light grey skirt
made from a jersey knit
with a yoga-style waistband.
This thing certainly rivals stretchy pants in comfort,
and far surpasses stretchy pants in aesthetic appeal.
You can wiggle 
and twirl 
and dance 
and nap 
and chase.
Plus, I made it long enough to be Jerusalem Center acceptable.
Bliss, in skirt form;

The skirt.
(Go look up the tutorial at and whip up one of your own!)

And I even had enough fabric left over to make a headband with a chunky flower rosette.
Simple. Classy. Mmhm.

Happy Memorial Day!  Oh Happy Life!

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