Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cupcakes, Crying, and Other Saturday Happenings

Saturday's are always the day when I run a zillion errands.
After many stores, mother and I ended up at JoAnn's.
She bought me a new piping tip and bags to frost some lemon cupcakes,
pale yellow pearl sprinkles, 
and a pack of the most darling pink cupcake liners.
See, I volunteered to make the cupcakes for my grandma's birthday party next weekend,
but wanted to do a trial run before hand.


I overfilled the tray with batter.
My frosting was too soft so it sort of melted together.
The storage container I choose was to shallow so I squished all their little pointy peaks.
Not to mention that I ran out of frosting 12 cupcakes in,
we didn't have any butter to make another batch,
I was already late to a party,
and I still had to clean up the massive mess I had made in the kitchen.

Sounds so pathetic,
but I just sort of felt like crying afterwards.
Like when you plan something wonderful but it all just falls to shambles.
Maybe these cupcakes were just to teach me a simple lesson about humility.
Or about not sweating the small stuff.
Or about the merit of handwork, practice, and patience with the process.
It's amazing the things to be learned from just a silly batch of cupcakes.

I fixed those little guys as best I could.
See, they are in fact being served at my sissy's graduation party tomorrow.

I'm thankful for second chances.
For do-overs.
And for mistakes...
because mistakes bring about learning, growth, and refinement.
Sometimes you have to do something the wrong way first, in order to make the right way more clear. More focused.  More reachable.
And you better believe that when I make these cupcakes again next weekend, they will be the most perfect little things you have ever seen!

"Look ahead, and remember, faith is always pointed towards the future."
Elder Jeffery R. Holland

Happy Cupcake Disasters! Oh Happy Life!

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