Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In Other News...

Today I am kicking myself,
for deciding not to add that basil plant to my garden after all.
 I just happened across this recipe for a 
tomato tart with a garlic basil crust.
Doesn't that sounds utterly scrumptious?
But I feel like it just wouldn't be acceptable without the garden fresh basil...

(photo: thisgirlsfood.blogspot.com)

In other news,
I discovered my course schedule for Jerusalem posted online the other day.
Old Testament.
New Testament.
Jewish Civilization.
Arab and Islamic Civilization.
Ancient Near Eastern Studies.
Introduction to Arabic.
Jerusalem Center Field Trips.
I guess I forgot to remind myself that I'm not at all a history slash english person when I signed up for this.
My major is one of those sciency ones, 
where long papers are defiantly a rarity.
My grammaitical skill-Z have actually declined in proficiency since I started college... probably.
No bother, as scary as that list of classes sounds,
I'm still inexpressibly EXCITED!
I think about Jerusalem 99% of my life.
(10 points if you can name that movie reference...)
Only 55 days now,
not that I've been counting down since day 130 or anything.
I think I love this place already.

In other news,
my house-sitting adventure has finally come to a close.
I will be hopping into freshly laundered sheets in my very own bed!
It surprising how much I missed it after only 5 days apart...
It really is one of my favorite things in the whole world.
If you were wondering...

Oh Happy Life!


  1. Never say Never. Text me what my ten points gets me! ;) A free diet Mt Dew?

  2. Surprise! I have the same schedule!!! SOOOOO excited!

  3. My cousin will be going this fall to Jerusalem with BYU also!! You'll have to keep an eye out for him, his name is Michael-Sean Covey and he is a cutie:) Have so much fun!!!