Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Kira!

If my Arvada girls know one thing,
it's how to celebrate birthdays!
Just to give you a brief rundown of some of our finer birthday moments:
Goldfish. Lots and lots of goldfish...
Cheesecake Factory feasts.
Halloween parties and pumpkin shaped cakes.
The amazing race.
Boondocks and Peruvian strawberry meringue cake.
Chipotle and Mall Cop.
Nuggets game.
Ect Ect Ect.

Friday, was Kira's 20th birthday!
Unfortunately for us, she is already away at school
in Michigan,
which just so happens to be in a land far far away.
But we refused to let such technicalities ruin the celebration!
In honor of Kira Marie Eck
we went Downtown
and ate at the Spaghetti factory.
We probably lied to the waiter
so we could film the entire wait staff singing Happy Birthday.
But I'm positive the would have understood the situation!
Hanny and I shared pasta with browned butter and Mizithra cheese.
Accompanied by a blackberry Italian soda
and a little dish of spaumoni.
Our table was constructed from the frame of an antique bed
and was situated right next to that ancient train caboose.

Then we headed over to 16th Street.
We walked down Larimer Square under the twinkle light canopy
and reminisced about all the fun times we have shared in this city 
throughout the years.

The night was topped off with a traditional movie night in Ashley's basement.
After much indecisiveness and a vote
we decided on and a slightly cheesy, slightly inspirational flick
and snuggled onto one couch to watch it.
Nights like this are what we do best
and Kira wouldn't have had it any other way!

(Missing you Kira and Marcy Anne!)

Happy Birthday Sweet Kira! Oh Happy Life!

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