Thursday, August 11, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The other day,
I found out I had won my first ever blog giveaway
from none other than my most darling cousin Katie
over at Charmed Earth!
a little envelope arrived in the mail containing my prize!
A set of 6 hand-drawn bookplates
to adorn my favorite journals and books.

I've always admired her crafty eye.
She is one of those people who just has a a gift for creating lovely things!
Even the wrappings were gorgeous.
Labels made out of bits of old food boxes.
A card upcycled from an unused BBQ invitation.
And loud plaid wrapping paper.
Could she be any cuter?
Go check out her blog, and I promise you will adore her too!

Tonight I also endeavored into the baking world to try a new recipe for 
Snickerdoodle cupcakes 
with whipped cinnamon butter cream.
Only slightly over-baked because I was too busy eating supper
 (Chinese Takeout that I haven't had in like...7 years nonetheless!).
Hate it when that happens!
I'll share the recipe for these babies next time, after I fine tune it a bit!

Happy 2nd To Last Friday of Work Tomorrow!  Oh Happy Life!

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