Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Friday of Summer

It all started with an early morning Starbucks run
(tall vanilla rooibus tea with a splash of skim and 2 honey packets, please!)
and a visit to grandmother's house.
I always seem to inherit something lovely, 
whenever I go there.
Today, it was a couple of silk scarves 

Then I crafted my brains out
because I basically realized that I won't be able to craft for the next 4 months!
Which now seems like a travesty
but I'm sure I'll maybe, just possibly be able to potentially find some other sort of things to fill my time.
I mean...JERUSALEM, hello?
Making a large stack of thank you cards was my most time consuming project
as I just know 
I will be having a whole lot to say thank you for in the coming months.


Sister and Ry were coming over for a late dinner and dessert,
so I had to pass the rest of the time until their arrival.
Some Dr. Phil and a large Diet Cherry Limeade seemed to do the trick.
I'm telling ya,
happy hour at Sonic is a blissful time of day.
And they even have the good crunchy ice, you know what I'm talking about.
Only I wish they didn't use Styrofoam cups.
And that they would equalize their fruit distribution.  
3 limes and 1 cherry?
I mean, come on.  At least make it 50/50!
But that's beside the point...
after much waiting they finally arrived!
And much to my delight
they brought all the fixins for 
Yum Yum Yum.


Basically everyone in the whole world knows that the only way to make a s'more is with a

Plus, I still didn't even pack. 
And I leave for Utah in approximately 33 hours.
To the max.

Oh Happy Life!

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