Monday, August 29, 2011

Road Trippin

Road Trip to Provo Lindsay Style:
Diet coke.
Gold fish and peach rings.
6.5 hours.
1 stop for gas.  Absolutely no more than 6 minuets.
Ke$ha and B.O.B. blasting through the speakers.

Road Trip to Provo Family Style:
8 hours.
Sleeping for 5 of those hours.
Watching Ratatouille on the Ipod.
Mostly to block out the classic country pouring out of the speakers.
Potty stops. Gas stops. Peaches stops.

Yup, peaches stops.
Halfway between Arvada and Provo
lies the quaint little town known as Palisade, Colorado.
Population 7000.
Famous for their peaches
and for good reason.
Only the biggest and juiciest peaches of all my life!

My mind was going crazy with the possibilities...
Peach ice cream.
Peach coffee cake.
Peach bread.
Peach salsa.

 It was also lovely to visit Provo
and many of my most favorite people for a few days.
How I've missed this town!
But, we're leaving for the airport in six hours
so I should attempt to get at least a little shut eye.
Goodnight world.

Oh Peachy Life!

1 comment:

  1. Linny you are leaving for J-Roo TODAY! Not super sad to miss out on that long road trip tho...(minus the peaches and watching Rat with you) but definitely sad not to see you for 4 months :(

    Praying for you every day you are gone!! Love you!