Friday, January 20, 2012


The past 3 weeks have been grueling
in the best way possible way of course.
But last night I "graduated" from my CNA class!
(besides another 8 hour clinical, a CPR class, and the two state exams...but those are just technicalities, right?)
Sometimes even these tiny accomplishments deserve a celebration.
my first instinct was a specialty hot chocolate, a cupcake, and my sweet friend Kate.
We reminisced about our voyage abroad
and the list of exciting events coming up this semester.
As if Friday's weren't already happy enough,
mine just got that much happier!
Busy-ness is a blessing.
Life is becoming more real by the second.
And nothing will ever make my day like a cupcake date.
P.S. Did I mention right after stuffing my face with cupcake I finally joined Gold's gym? 
 10 dollars a month...I feel like I am stealing from them.
Go join today, literally.
Best 3 mile run in 3 weeks.
(Okay, my ONLY 3 mile run in 3 weeks...)

Happy Friday!  Oh Happy Life!

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  1. Literally, I want that cupcake.... and you to go with it. that's all.