Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hiatus and a Stethoscope

One time,
my life is OUT OF CONTROL since school started back up.
I'm taking a class to get CNA certified
which means I have an extra 5 hours of school at the end of every day,
plus eight hour clinicals on the weekends.
Luckily it only lasts 3 weeks
and is majorly fascinating
so it is actually kind of fun!
I mean,
who wouldn't want to spend their evening taking blood pressures
folding hospital corners
and learning how to empty a catheter bag?
Come one.
Plus, I just feel so legit owning scrubs, a stethoscope, and a blood pressure cuff.
Who does that?
I promise that as soon as this crazy January schedule of mine settles down
I will end my blogging hiatus
and post some pictures of my cute new apartment
and my even cuter (and spicy) new roomies.
Life is so happy these days,
Provo, it's great to be back!

Oh Happy Life!
P.S. Can someone just appreciate the ridiculousness of my schedule?
molecular bio, chem, psych, food science, nutrition, and 2 labs.

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  1. Enjoy! You will love it! I am loving Nursing School right now!