Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Lovely Weekend

Ahhh....the weekend!
Thank you for finally make an appearance.
The agenda for this weekend included quite the smattering of random activities.

Friday brought a ladies choice stake dance.
My redheaded friend Megan and I accidentally showed up in matching outfits.
Completely unintentional, I swear.
We must be kindred spirits or something.
It was the kind of event that makes you wish for just a second you could be sixteen again.

Saturday involved dates of a different variety.
Namely a breakfast date with my freshman roommate.
Let's just say that Kneader's french toast is sinfully delicious.
Less importantly, 
I had a marathon date with my textbooks.
My master plan for the weekend was to knock out as much homework as possible
so my entire week can be devoted to exam preparation.
It was successful...
more or less.
Somehow it is already time for the first round of midterms.
Oh my my my.

Today was lazy,
as any good Sundays should be.
I (finally) finished putting my bedroom room together 
and picked out a curried lentil soup recipe to try this week.
I listened to Shawn McDonald on Pandora all the while
swooning with every song.
And then I even treated myself to an episode of Downtown Abbey with my roomies.
Such a lovely few days.
It also happens to be the 23rd birthday of that sweet sister of mine.
Check out her delightful blog here.
I may have pouted a little knowing I couldn't be there to celebrate with her.
 (And that I missed mother's cornish game hens...)
But I made it up by sending her happy thoughts from Provo all day long.
Happy Birthday dear sister,
you mean the world to me, you know!

Happy Birthday Carly!  Oh Happy Life!

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