Sunday, February 5, 2012

i love birthdays

Birthday are delightful, no?
Today (yeah yeah, I know it's the Sabbath) 
my friend Lauren's cute family invited a few of us out to lunch to celebrate her birthday!!
We ate at California Pizza Kitchen in Salt Lake.
It was fun to drive to the city
looking at the mountains and picking out all the temples en route.
The weather was also awfully spring today,
like one of those perfect days when no jacket is necessary.
It made me wonder how the mountains are still dusted in snow despite all this warm weather we've bee having.
But that's just typical Utah climate I guess.

How grateful I was to get out of Provo
and celebrate the life of one of the greatest girls I know.
And, also for leftovers that will tide me over until I can somehow manage to get to the grocery store again.
Which may be never considering the amount of tests/homework I have this week.

Happy Birthday Lauren Kate!  Oh Happy Life!

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