Tuesday, February 7, 2012

i love busy days

You know those days when you are exhausted
and running around like crazy all day,
but at the end of it all you feel like you got so much accomplished?
Today was certainly a day like that.
Up to campus by 8am.
Had the fruits and vegetables lab in food science
and was a little to proud of fruit/vegetable recognition skills.
Come on people, who doesn't know what a rutabaga looks like?
Studied with Lauren on the 5th floor of the library.
Laughed about boys in the library, boys in our ward, boys on missions, freshman boys, ect.
Had my nutrition class.
Read articles and heard from a leading scholar who suggested that dieting is not only ineffective, but also might be and unethical treatment for obesity.
Basically, it blew my mind and gave me a lot of food for thought this evening.
Took a 3.5 hour long chemistry test.
Left my brain in a pile of mush on the testing center chair.
Walked home in the dark while realizing that I walked to campus just as the sun was rising this morning.
Was surprised by a homemade dinner.
Did the dishes.
And now, I have 2 loaves of sweet Amish friendship bread baking in the oven,
What a day!

Today I love:
 That my mama and sissy are only a phone call away.
Chemistry...well, most of the time.
For tax returns increasing the ever-diminishing numbers of my bank account.
And for friendships, near and far.

Oh Happy Happy Life!

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