Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i love perfect days

like one time in a million,
you just get a perfect day.
Today, for instance was one of those times.
The weather was blissful. No need for a jacket here.
At least for Provo in February, that is a big deal!
My chem assignment for the evening was cancelled.
Which means I have absolutely no homework.

Plus, it is the birthday of Miss Taylor Ann Veater.
21 years young!
We celebrated up in Park City at a fancy restaurant with her darling family.
Delicious food (umm...coconut jasmine rice and sirloin? yes please!).  
Delicious dessert. 
Delightful company.
And a long mountain drive.

I came home to a little belated Valentine's package on my pillow.
All the way from Svergie
(That's swedish for Sweden).
And then to top it all off,
I got my results back and passed my state CNA exam!
Hip Hip Horray!

Yup, today was perfect
in every possible way.
Happy Birthday Tay!  Oh Happy Life!

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