Monday, March 12, 2012


One morning last week I was startled awake at 5:30am to the loud ringing of my phone.
Laura: "Get up. We're kidnapping Jen for her birthday."
Me: "Heck no. It's 5:30 in the morning. And...I have class at 8!"
Laura: "I have class at 8 too, see you in 45!"

I (so slightly begrudgingly) drug my lazy buns out of bed
showered/blew dry my hair at lightening speed
(which anyone with hair as long as mine knows, that is no easy feat!)
and sneaked upstairs.
Jen was surprisingly submissive and calm 
for having a blindfold synched around her eyes in the pitch black
not to mention bindings around her ankles and wrists.

Laura used her incredibly buff muscles to carry her down the stairs
and then it was off to Kneaders 
for a round of thick french toast
topped with homemade syrup, 
whipped cream, 
and strawberries.
It was a scrumptiously scandalous sort of birthday adventure!

Happy Birthday Sweet Jen!  Oh Happy Life!

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