Sunday, February 19, 2012

i love productivity

Today I realized that I've been procrastinating grocery shopping for 4 days now.
Hence my eating almond butter, cold cereal, and a mini kitkat for dinner.
Who needs green vegetables when they have enough meal replacement shakes to last them the rest of the month, right?
So i finally caved and went to Smith's.
Unfortunately it was one of those sweat pants, wool socks, and ugg boots kind of affairs.
So naturally I ran into about 12 people that I know,
which as we all know is just so great.

Then I came home.
Gymed it up.
Cleaned my room.
Cleaned my bathroom.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Planned the rest of my undergraduate college career.
Researched grad schools.
Panicked about grad school so stopped researching.
Did all my monday readings, wrote a paper, failed a mastering chemistry assignment (what else is new), and wrote a letter.
Luickly I have great friends who force me to be social on a Saturday night.
And was introduced to the world's most fun board game.
It's call Smart Ass.
Pardon the French.
But it's okay because you can just cover the a$$ part up with a sticky note and no one will ever know it has a moderately offensive name.
It was among the most hilarious 2 hours of my life...
Like that awkward moment when someone guesses that Lincoln was the 42nd President or that John F. Kennedy's initials are J.C.

Today I'm thankful for a long weekend.
For grocery store's that make food so accessible to me.
For an unexpected rain/slush/soon to be snow storm.
For freshly laundered sheets.
For afternoon catnaps.
For stretchy pants.
And for the wonderful Sabbath day ahead of me.
 Oh Happy Life!

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