Sunday, February 19, 2012

i love jerusalem

during church,
I couldn't help but think of Jerusalem.
Welcoming in the Shabbat with all our Jewish neighbors every week.  
The men with their frontlets and long black coats flapping behind them as they ran through the old city streets to make it to the Western Wall before dark.
And Sacrament meeting overlooking the old city.
When the sun aimed just right, that golden dome would flicker in the light.
And then hiking the Kidron Valley
to either the Garden Tomb or the Garden of Gethsemane.
Or sometimes just wandering the city streets 
with no obligations other than absorbing the atmosphere and observing the people.
my heart is sure aching for that place.

I've been procrastinating finishing up my Jerusalem blog 
because to me that means that my adventure there has truly ended.
Today I worked on my last 2 posts for a bit,
I want to get them just right.
I plan on having the entire blog printed into a book.
Just a little way to always remember that place that I love so dearly.

Today I am thankful for the beautiful Israeli and Palestinian people.
For my memory and for the zillion pictures I took.
For my Jerusalem family.
For Jerusalem reunions here in Provo
and the way my heart swells when I see a Jerusalem friend on campus.
For the JC...a secret little middle eastern paradise.
For schwarma and falafel.
And hummus and pita too.
But mostly just for Jesus.
Happy Jerusalem!  Oh Happy Life!

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