Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

A variety of significant festivities merited a road trip this weekend.
Namely my friend Kathryn's farewell
and my other friend Corry's homecoming
and graduation.
All of this also happened to mean that 6 of the 7 of my best girlfriends from high school were home.
Let's be real here,
they are still (and probably always will be) my best friends.
I love that they bring out the 14 year old girl hiding inside of me.
A girl I thought slipped away long ago,
but each time we are reunited
 I realize a little piece of my heart will always be young.
Sometimes its okay to play Dance Dance until all hours of the evening.
And to make monster cookies (dough) without a recipe. (Those things are impossible to mess up anyways).
And to drive around with nothing to do but talk and sing and dance.
And to make spontaneous diet coke stops.
These sweet girls make my heart so happy.
I wish there was some adequate way to express how incredibly much they mean to me.

Coming home also means afternoon yogi runs with mama.
And visits to my sister and brother-in-law's adorable new house.
And breakfast burritos with dad.
And endless snuggles with Buckie.
Home, will always be my most favorite place.

But, like aways, real life beckons me back.
This time a little too quickly and harshly.
August cannot come quick enough.
1. his and hers big gulps
2. one of many stops
3. the beautiful colorado mountains
4. spoons for 7
5. sissy
6. organic peach iced tea
7. watch out LA, here comes Hermana Jones
8. quadruplets
9. buck-a-roo

Happy Memorial Day!  Oh Happy Life!

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  1. oh i love this post with al the pics!!! love you linard! hope the transition back into school/work/life is smooth. tell all the cute old people at your work hi!