Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Day Date

I've been dying to see the Islamic art exhibit at the MOA for the past coupe weeks.
So on Tuesday I finally coerced convinced this really cute boy and I know to take me.
In the early afternoon,
there was really no one else there 
except a few security guards
and one older couple who slowly meandered along ahead of us.
I forgot how much I love beautiful arabic calligraphy.
Curvy and mysterious.
There was music playing along in the background
that reminded me of a mixture
of the Arabic rap blasting from various street vendors in the old city
and the call to prayer humming out of the loud speakers.
Oh, how this exhibit made me miss my middle eastern home.
It was a perfectly lovely sort of afternoon.

Happy Day Date!  Oh Happy Life!


  1. Why do I feel bad for this really cute guy? haha
    No it was probably super fun and I think this really cute guy should be so lucky to spend the day with you! :)

  2. Jiggle is a pretty cute young lad! Hope you two had fun. Arabic is crazy-how do people ever learn how to speak or write it?! Mind blown! Excited to see you both in t-minus 2ish days.