Monday, June 18, 2012

A Mail Box Surprise

Sissys (and brother-in-laws) are the best for a variety of reasons.
For instance,
they randomly send you a giant box full of goodies, treats, and other silly surprises.
I opened up the mailbox to find a key to the package box that led me to this little guy.
At first I was scared that a ferocious wild animal might be lurking inside...
But it turned out to just be a bottle of homemade vanilla extract.
(How darling is my sis, homemade vanilla extract, really?)
Along with: 
a new water bottle 
Burt's Bee's Shampoo and Conditioner
peppermint herbal tea
 a yankee candle air freshener
a happy hippo
a little note journal (garnished with burlap and twine, nonetheless)
and some Ghirardelli's Sea Salt Soiree chocolates.
You'll notice that they also sent me a hotel bar of soap, some random Indian currency, their leftover engagement wallets, a box of Rice a Roni, coconut milk, some colorful leis, a tape measure, etc...
But my most favorite part
were the crazy pictures of my 4 favorite creatures to ever walk this planet.
Including an 9x12 of Harpo the Harold Decker Dong.
They must know how much I miss him...
Thank you Deckers for an afternoon of smiles and all the wonderful treats to enjoy!
Oh Happy Happy Life! 


  1. Mom can be credited with the Yankee Candle car freshener, pictures of the pooches, and raisins! Glad you liked it Linny!! Love you

  2. Expecting that 9x12 of Ivy and Harpo kissing to be framed and hanging on your wall when I visit in July.