Friday, June 15, 2012

My Super Mini Summer Break

Finals are over, which means I have 3 whole days to play.
My sweet roommate Cami and I kicked off our super mini summer break right,
that's for sure.
We headed up to Thanksgiving Point for the
Follow His Light art exhibition.
Much to our delight,
our tickets also gave us full access to the fifty acres of beautiful gardens.
My favorite part was the Secret Garden,
a little thing with vine covered terraces and a wooden door with big iron handles.
Inside was a beautiful fountain with a bunch of little kids splashing and squirting the water.
Or maybe I liked the Coy Pond best.
Fatty orange and white fish
darting around and between thin green lilly pads 
topped with perfectly symmetrical white and pink blossoms.
We were tempted to roll down the giant hill right below the entrance to the gardens,
but figured we better wait until next time
because 1) the grass was wet
and 2) if we got kicked out there probably wouldn't be a next time.
Now I'm off to waste away my morning reading that book that's been on my list for months and months and months.
Happy Summer Vacation!  Oh Happy Life!

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