Wednesday, August 1, 2012


No mind my fast approaching finals,
being home just has a way of making me forget everything on my to do list.
As you can probably imagine,
there was absolutely NO way I could focus after J and I got engaged.
In fact,
I'm still having trouble concentrating because all these giggly/giddy feelings just keep bubbling up all the time!
To celebrate our engagement,
J took me to the restaurant where we had our first date.
Crepes n' Crepes is tucked away among dozens of other restaurants and stores
just off of the 16th street mall.
Inside it was quiet,
and the faint smell of warm Nutella wafted out as we opened the door.
Their ratatouille crepe is utterly to die for.
It was fun to reminisce about our relationship 4 years ago and how far we have come since then.

we wandered around the city for a while
 eventually coming across a new little candy and soda pop shop.
They had about a hundred different flavors of root beer alone
and J was especially excited to find some Swedish candy,
but we finally decided to share a bottle of honey sweetened Cream Soda.
It was a sweet ending to a most perfect day!
(Mmm...I could look at this handsome devil all day!)

Happy Celebration!  Oh Happy Life!

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